A Rant about the anime Kokoro Connect and dishonesty used as conflict creation tools when explanations could diffuse misunderstandings

Holy shit, I hate fucking shows and movies that create a conflict over misunderstandings and dishonesty when the situation the characters are involved in require absolute transparency or else shit gets blown out of proportion, drama occurs, and tensions rise.

I’m watching this anime where these five friends (I’m only two episodes in) seem to be targets of some spooky overseer that can make their personalities switch at random. One moment, Girl 1 is Girl 1 and Guy 3 is Guy 3, then suddenly Guy 2 is in Girl 1’s body and Girl 2 is in Guy 3’s body. The proper thing to have done is make sure that the five friends NOT get all in a tizzy with each other when the switch happens. Yeah, it’s fuckin’ weird and they’re shocked, but they just keep HIDING shit and being pointlessly dishonest with each other, despite literally BEING any of each other at any time.

It’s like in Wreck it Ralph, when Ralph has made friends with Vanellope, King Candy shows up and tells Ralph that Vanellope will die if she wins the race. Ralph agrees to stop Vanellope from racing. BUT HERE’S THE THING, the conflict stops being about Ralph and Vanellope winning the race, and instead, an entire conflict is sprouted by Ralph beating around the bush to Vanellope to not race, rather than explaining the whole situation with King Candy who was JUST THERE, attempted to bribe Ralph, and explain that Candy said Vanellope could die. Vanellope gets very upset and once she is, Ralph can’t explain the situation anymore and resorts to drastic measures and destroys the car. Vanellope and Ralph split up, they both get all mopey, and later they meet up again and say they’re fuckin’ sorry and get over it and everything could have been solved way easier half an hour ago.

Back in animeland, these kids should realize that they HAVE to be more honest to each other than would ever be normal. I want to watch a show where these five kids are trying to figure out WHO the mystery man is that’s making them switch bodies, WHY he’s doing it, WHERE he is, WHAT he is, and HOW he’s doing it. Instead, so far all I’ve gotten are the kids talking to each other about something, character 3 coming in and asking what’s up, and the two just say “oh, nothing, just something FUCKING IMPORTANT BECAUSE I WILL LITERALLY BE YOU AND THE SITUATION YOUR BODY WILL BE FACED WITH COULD BE AVOIDED IF I JUST FUCKING TOLD YOU WHAT’S UP.”

Girl 2’s got a creepy lady stalker that Guy 1 knows about because when Guy 1 became Girl 2, Stalker Lady was bein’ all creepy stalky at Girl 2. Guy 1 becomes himself again and Guy 1 DOESN’T EVEN FUCKING TELL GIRL 2 ABOUT IT! What the fuck is wrong with you?! 

It’s just a bunch of trivial bullshit that could be avoided by the characters being absolutely transparent with each other, but I have a feeling that won’t happen because the writers think we’ll like watching these five idiots stumble all over each others’ friendships by revealing secrets that shouldn’t even MATTER because they can literally BE ONE ANOTHER. Just give up on keeping secrets!

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